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Exhibition in Benicássim, Spain

Centre Cultural Melchor Zapata - 6-29th of July, 2018


'Soldiers by the seaside' is an amiable though heartbreaking vision of the Civil War in the village of Benicàssim and of the remarkable women and men who came from all around the world to fight alongside the Republic without asking for anything in return, only for the opportunity to combat Fascism.

Article on Wikipedia

Wikipedia - October, 2014


A Wikipedia article appeared about Dezső Révai, that highlights some of the historic moments from the photographer's life.

Apology in the British Journal of Photography and in the Hungarian Journal of Photography

British Journal of Photography - 1 July 2014

Hungarian Journal of Photography - 14 August 2014


Statement published in the British Journal of Photography and in the Hungarian Journal of Photography on behalf of Attila Pőcze, Director of Vintage gallery Budapest.


In his statement Mr. Pőcze aknowledged that his actions caused emotional and financial distress to the copyright holders of photographs taken by Dezső Révai and therefore wish to extend his apologies.

Updated profile on the Artportal

Artportal - 2014



The profile of Dezső Révai has been updated by Károly Kincses on the Hungarian Artportal.

Artportal is a leading Hungarian online lexicon and independent portal that collects information about artists, art institutions and programs.

Las Brigadas Internacionales: imágenes recuperadas

Michel Lefebvre; Rémi Skoutelsky; Marga Latorre - 2003



This excellent book is the first to have collected the iconographic history of people coming from abroad to join the Republicans in the fight against Franco.

Photos from the Father of Hungarian Press Photography

Népszabadság - 1998



The Metro Madrid series of photographs taken during the bombardment of Madrid in 1937 was exhibited in 1998 in Vintage Gallery, Budapest. Dezső Révai, alias Turai was a photo reporter of the International Brigades in Spain. After his return to Hungary he participated in both setting up the Hungarian Film Agency (Mafirt) as well as photo propaganda on behalf of the communist party.

50th Anniversary of the Spanish Civil War

Film und Fernsehen - Janka Walter, 1987 / 04



This historical article about the Spanish Civil War was written by Janka Walter for the 50th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War using the photographic documents of Dezső Révai.

Individual Exhibition in Germany

German National Museum, 1986



In 1986 the German National Museum (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Nationalgalerie) organized a solo exhibition for Dezső Révai. This exhibition focused on the Spanish Civil war and the activity of the International Brigades.


The photographer's family have preserved a few of the original exhibition booklets published by the Museum. A digital version is now available for the general public.

In Hispania, amongst soldiers

Fotó - Pap, 1986 / 09



In this article Dezső Révai was interviewed by Mr. Pap and spoke about his participation in the Spanish Civil War initially as a soldier at Teruel and later as a photo reporter. 

Most of his negatives taken during this period were dispersed in the stormy historical era but some of them were later recovered.

Spanish Christmas Eve 1937

Fotografie - Pál Bence, 1983 / 12



This article written by Mr. Bence Pál presented Dezső Révai's work as a photo reporter in the Spanish Civil War concentrating mainly on the 'Metro Madrid' series of photographs from 1937.

Interview with the photographer

Fotóművészet - Zsigmondi Mária, 1980/02



An in-depth interview with the photographer in 1980 in which he reveals many interesting stories from behind the camera. He also talks about his motives and beliefs that directed him towards the battlefields to Spain and France.


This is a fascinating discussion about an era that was pervaded by war, politics, agony & hope.

EFIAP distinction

FIAP - Bern, 1969



Dezső Révai received the EFIAP distinction from the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) as a recognition for his life's work.

Photo Turai, Dezső Révai Photography



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