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Photo gallery

A selected range of digitalized photographs from Spain, France and Hungary.
Gurs - Vernet

The secret photographs of the Internment Camp Gurs and Vernet showing the life of International Brigade soldiers after the Spanish Civil War.


32 photographs from this period and an illustrated album from the Gurs Internment Camp are now owned by the Immigration History Museum of Paris (Musée de l'Histoire de l'Immigration, Paris).

Metro Madrid

An award winning series of photographs taken during the bombardment of Madrid in 1937 in the Quatro Caminos metro station 500 metres from the front.


The 'Metro Madrid' series of photographs (25 vintage photos) is currently owned by the University Museum of Navarra in Spain (Museo Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona).



The villas of this Spanish costal town were abandoned after the breakout of the Spanish Civil War. The buildings were appropiated by the military authorities and converted into offices and hospitals for the troops of the International Brigades.


The Republicans also set up an education programme in Benicassim for children displaced or orphaned by the war as shown in these pictures taken by Dezső Révai.


This South-Eastern Spanish city was the headquarters and training camp of the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War.


For the first anniversary of the International Brigades a photo album called “Un Ano de las Brigades Internationales” was published by the collaboration of Dezső Révai which included his photographs.

Spanish Countryside


Dezső Révai captured the peasents' life in Falset near Barcelona and El Rubio near Seville during the Spanish Civil War.


Nearby to Falset took place the 'Battle of Ebro' in 1938 (Batalla de l'Ebre), the longest and bloodiest battle of the Spanish Civil War.

Photo Montages

Photo montages prepared for socialist propaganda activities between 1926-1934. Due to this activities Dezső Révai was inprisoned twice in 1930 and 1934.


After his retirement in 1962 Dezső Révai continued to work as a photographer producing many classic images used on postcards across Hungary and Europe.

Photo Turai, Dezső Révai Photography



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